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MG 2747croof20

A big jump for big sis.

Camera: Canon EOS 60D | Focal length: 248 mm (397 mm) | Exposure time: 1/1250 sec | ISO Speed: 400 , -0.67 EV | F-stop: f 8

Latitude: 39º 10'' 9' N | Longitude: 123º 0'' 35' W

1109 times
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MG 2744croof10 All forgiven. And we find out about little sis's bum. MG 2745oof30 How did an old fart from the Oly list sail in here? MG 2746croof20 The sisters return. Some guy and a new Señorita appear. MG 2747croof20 A big jump for big sis. MG 2749croof20 A new contender for whitest legs - and for other things - appears. MG 2754 Reflected dusk light. Notice the rapid color changes in the next two images. MG 2757cr Paddling home to roost.

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