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MG 2730croof20

And here are their three kids.

Camera: Canon EOS 60D | Focal length: 300 mm (480 mm) | Exposure time: 1/800 sec | ISO Speed: 400 , -0.67 EV | F-stop: f 8

Latitude: 39 10'' 9' N | Longitude: 123 0'' 35' W

1313 times
Moose 2011 - moose at moosemystic dot net
MG 2726rotcroof20 He's arrived, only to find himself stranded on a local Isla de Las Mujeres. MG 2727rotcroof20 Oh no, a new arival has invaded his corner! MG 2728rotcroof20 Oh, I see, she's with him. MG 2730croof20 And here are their three kids. MG 2732croof20 And they are leaving. MG 2733croof20 Stylish exit. MG 2734croof20 Kids heading after mom and dad. Will the little one make the boat?

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