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MG 2719croof20

And the winners are.

Camera: Canon EOS 60D | Focal length: 300 mm (480 mm) | Exposure time: 1/1000 sec | ISO Speed: 400 , -0.67 EV | F-stop: f 8

Latitude: 39º 10'' 9' N | Longitude: 123º 0'' 35' W

1276 times
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MG 2716croof40 More arrive. Boy suggests other boy shoot the Señoritas, not him. MG 2717croof20 Who will challenge us? MG 2718croof10 Battle joined! MG 2719croof20 And the winners are. MG 2720croof50 OK, I like many angles on Señoritas. «/;-) MG 2721oof50 Adjustment needed. MG 2723croof30 Two excellent angles!

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